I’m looking for that motivation

Ever had the feeling you would rather be doing that instead of this? Well today I am looking for the motivation for the that.  I want to do that, but I am allowing some barriers to get in the way. In essence I don’t want to do this but lack the push to actually physically … Continue reading

I’m Looking For Freebies

Well today I have been out walking the dog a few times and been rewarded most generously.  First thing this morning I found a wonderful little table, so I lifted it from the bin men and walked back to my flat. Then a few hours later I walked the little dog again and this time … Continue reading

I’m looking for interesting men in suits

So London is the city of choice today and apart from the work that must be done while here there one very high pirority that must be done… Find some eye candy, in particular mature men in pin stripe suits. Search commencing now first near Liverpool street then on down to bank then. I am … Continue reading

I’m Looking For Motivational Words To Flow

Today I am starting to write the first in a series of motivational speeches, and so today I really want my brian to come up with genuine motivational words. I don’t want to be hype, I want it to be original and unique, but yet it must be something people want to listen to instinctively.  … Continue reading

I’m Looking For Images To Work

Spending time developing websites I have always done very simple graphics and therefore never requiring specialist graphic software but today, finding out the new template requires layered graphics I must find, download, and learn how some new software. So I am starting with Paint Shop Pro and hoping that its easy enough to use.  I’m … Continue reading

I’m Looking For Whatever

Today is a day of discussion and conversations, so while there is some expectations of what will come out of each discussion, there is a lot of room today for creative development and unexpected outcomes. So today I am looking for whatever comes along.

I’m Looking For Yes – Update

I forgot just how nerve-racking cold calling is. To say my morning has been a little trying is an understatement, however not only did I get my research done, I also made those dreaded phone calls already. Phoning up a college and offering a course is not something I have ever done before, and so … Continue reading

I’m Looking For Yes

Cold calling is the focus of today, I am sure not anybody’s favourite thing to do, but it has to be done. This morning I have set aside three hours to prepare; get the script in order, identify the supporting documents that I may need to send, research my targets. Prep will hopefully get me … Continue reading

I’m Looking for 10 out of 10 – Update

OK, I’ve just finished, all ten of those annoying stupid little tasks done. So happy, even got other things done as a result, and am actually looking forward to an evening free of my nagging brain. Feeling very good right now, there is of course the other seven I added today to that lovely To … Continue reading

I’m Looking for 10 out of 10

Today I am going to do the 10 things that have been on my To Do list for ages. It’s not really like me to have so many things that I am avoiding, and to be honest it’s getting on my nerves, so today I Looking for 10 out of 10 by the end of … Continue reading

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