I’m Looking for Dedication

Today I seek to dedicate myself to three key pieces of work.

I have been very remiss in starting what I am claiming to be my life passion, or for that matter taking my life passion very seriously at all.  No more I say to myself.

Whats the point in talking and thinking about having a life purpose and passion without actually doing anything about it?  I am finished thinking, its time for action, its time for me to start enjoying passion and live a little.

Today I am ask myself to be dedicated to spending today securing the first steps on each of my three goals.

1.  Mini plan – no longer than 1 hour on each of the task, to include goal, one year time frame, and potential smaller targets

2.  Mindmap – creative think of possible options and fun additional routes and diversions through the use of mindmap for each goal

3.  Hurdle Jumping – identify the potential hurdles which I may face and let my mind think how to ensure these hurdles do not derail me both today and in the future

4.  Do First Step – Actually do the first step of each of the goals, even if it is just doing the above.

This blog achieves one goal; this first blog accomplished the ‘Do First Step’ goal already.  See I am already dedicating myself to my life work, i feel it, and what’s more, I have smile on my face to prove it.

Dedication comes from inside, today I give myself permission to dedicate today to exploring my life passion.


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