I’m Looking For Yes – Update

I forgot just how nerve-racking cold calling is.

To say my morning has been a little trying is an understatement, however not only did I get my research done, I also made those dreaded phone calls already.

Phoning up a college and offering a course is not something I have ever done before, and so don’t know any of the lingo and feel like a fish out of water, but by the three call I had my patter going.

The aim of today, is of course to get a college to say YES and offer my course as part of their evening courses to the general public.

So with four phone calls done, I have not got the yes at yet, but I have got three names of decision makers and left a message for each one of them.  Not bad considering I gave myself till 1.30 this afternoon before I started making the calls.

In addition I have ruled out a few other colleges and uni’s as I don’t think my course would fit with their current program, although it may be that later on I try these again, but time being I think this would be a very hard sell.

Now I just have to be ready when they phone back with reasons I think my course would be good for each of the colleges.


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